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Unified Theory is an experimental animation that follows two cosmic entities. The main character, Junior, is trying her best to learn about the nature of the universe from her teacher, Senior, who is a master of the universe. Junior experiences moments of enlightenment that transform the way she sees the world, literally opening her eyes to things she could not imagine. This film is inspired by the scientific learning process, drawing conclusions by making millions of mistakes. This transcendental adventure across time and space will spark the viewer's curiosity and question their perception of reality.

Unified Theory Poster v2_00000.jpg


       Christina Hibner-Director

  • Christina Hibner-Writer

  • Christina Hibner-Producer

  • Garett Schmidt-Original Music

  • Bonnie Williams-Voice actor

  • Mélina Kta Malonga-Model


Finalist for Best CGI / SFX- Detroit Shetown Women's Film Festival (September 2019)


Award of Excellence - Southern Shorts Awards (July 2019)

Put Eyes on What's Working - Film Festival Brown’s Point (July 2019)

Supernova Digital Animation Festival (September 2019)

Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes (November 2019)

Grand Rapids Comic-Con Film Festival (November 2019)

Animation Marathon (November 2019)

BAICFF - Bay Area International Children's Film Festival (February 2020)


Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest (November 2019)

CannaBus Culture Film Festival (September 2019)

ReAnimania Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan (October 2019)

Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (August 2019)

FEEDBACK Animation Film & Screenplay Festival (October 2019)

Topaz Film Festival by Women in Film Dallas (September 2019)

Animation Chico (Nobember 2019)



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